In 2009 I went to Mexico and stayed with a friend and her family. Each morning in their kitchen I drew severals pictures of bottles, packages, food containers and all kinds of household product I found around. I was curious about all the labels and brands I didn’t know of. Some I didn’t even understand what they were. It was a different experience with mundane household things. Moreover, long after I left that family, those sketches becomes the memoir of them and also their portrait. I now turn that experience into a set of works. I draw my own house’s product label onto  bottles made of porcelain. This set of bottles have become my family “portrait” and also pictured it’s homescape.


Choosing to work with porcelain and Blue&White technic, I wanted to transform household product packages into something more valuable, meaningful and less perishable. All the details were elaborately put. To spend a lot of time with something people are familiar with but never really pay attention is defying the lightness of it’s existence as well as mine. Milk carton label in Blue&White porcelain becomes rather collectible because of the shift of material or because someone clearly have put some effort on it, or because of the milk itself, or the memory of having the milk? What is disposable and what is not? People were bond with memory to stuff they didn’t care much about all along.





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