Hard Fact

This set of works are for a show at Chula…

Chula is where I’ve worked for, for roughly 13 years. Chula is a university. It is prestigious for many people. My life at Chula is difficult to explain because it’s a mixed feeling.

I’ve been coming to Chula almost everyday in my past 22 years. Doing something so routine is good for me. Because I could see what’s changing easily.

Teaching at Chula is a good job / working as a potter is a good job

I like teaching/ I like potting

I can’t survive as a potter so it’s good to have Chula as a safety net/ Chula is my carrier, making pots is what I do on a side/ I should quit Chula altogether so I am more concentrate on potting around. (pun intended)

Thai society sees Chula as a quality university. I think that’s just on the surface. Still I hang in here, couldn’t think of any better job. Am I being patient?

Chula likes us to follow bureaucratic work, old fashion thinking, measurable result, hidden/unspoken hierarchy. and yet we get top quality high school students… how could this happen?

This work is made by millenium old technic, wheel thrown porcelain, cobalt oxide underglaze, with a super simple shape for container, cylinder. The information written are dimensions and volume, calculated with shrinkage percentage in advance of firing (thus actual shrinking). Nothing but a dreamed number, with rational projection. After fired almost none of the number is correct. None is really useful.

My potter side would see it differently. Porcelain is nice to touch, chime when you knock, blue underglaze relates to historical Blue and White antique. Slightly translucent, smooth satin finish glaze with nice craze. Unless you look close enough/or pick it up, you won’t see bluish pond at the bottom of the pot.  The color varies because of the thickness of clay at the bottom and the concentration of cobalt chloride painted from underneath. Some quality  is waiting for those who look for them.


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