(Not) All Pots are Created Equal


artist: Pim Sudhikam
work title: “(Not) All Pots are Created Equal”  year of production : 2015
medium: porcelain and wood
dimension: 0.20×9.00×0.85 m.

I started this piece by my preference in making pots. I wanted to “produce” like they do in the pottery. I like the cyclical process in pottery when things start over and over again between each ones. You knead the clay, centre it on the wheel, throw into shape, cut it off, wait, trim the foot, stamp, wait until it dry, fire, apply the glaze then fire again. And of course I choose to make one shape and size to begin with. Still there is always a slight difference among each and every pots. Here the process itself guided me into formulating the idea of gradation.

“(Not) All Pots are Created Equal” is composed of about a hundred footed porcelain cups all differ in size, set on a very slightly slant plinths (1% slope) in order to compliment the overall height of the work to level. It is to say that, there is no true equality among us but there must be some way to get closer to equity.

single work
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