Super Normality

Super Normality, a ceramic art exhibition on the know-how and forms of Thai Celadon-ware features works by Wasinburi Supanichworapart, a veteran ceramic artist. Celadon, a French word referring to a type of colour coating, is explained as an ashy green stone and the colour originated from oxide. with the color similar to French shepherds form the old days. Celadon has been produced in Chiang Mai for a long time now. Most people’s perception of ceramics is limited to flatware, not to mention the limited space for presenting ceramics in contemporary art scene.

Artists such as Pim Sudhikam, Udom Udomsrianan, Vipoo Srivilasa, Australia’s acquaintance, as well as celebrity/artist Udom Tae-panish have all joined this exhibition to express their art through different forms of ceramics, expanding the medium and presenting to a wider group of audience.

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