Thai Showcase


Thai Showcase was established by the office of Prime Minister and the Ministry of Commerce to provide an international platform for local creative talent.As a whole, Thai Showcase demonstrates the kingdom’s individuality and enterprise. It also leads to the creation of jobs and an improved quality of life by promoting innovation and investment at home.

Thailand is globally renowned for its impressive culture and crafts. As part of the Modern Thailand campaign, a number of products and brands have been selected that are taking traditional knowledge and translating it into a contemporary context. The products are quintessentially Thai and exemplary of the kingdom’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The showcase will be found in flagship and pop-up stores around the world.

“Pim Sudhikam creates her namesake porcelain bowls, cups, vases and tea sets at her studio in Bangkok. Each is carefully formed by hand on a potter’s wheel, fired and then glazed using traditional Thai techniques. The shapes she creates, however, are hardly traditional. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout Asia and northern Europe. Both as an artist and as a professor of industrial design, Pim pushes the boundaries of the medium to create contemporary forms.”

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